Shopping at Kroger

I have been to Kroger twice recently while trying to avoid plastic. I am lucky enough to have a Kroger Marketplace near me, so I have a few more option than I otherwise would have.


There are quite a lot of bulk items that you can put in your own container. I am getting granola, trail mix, raisins, treats, snacks, popcorn, rice, and dried fruit there.


So much produce cannot be purchased without plastic packaging! Since I’ve started this shift in lifestyle, my family has not had any berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, can only be purchased in plastic packaging. We have a hard time finding cherry tomatoes as well. I have found them at local stores, but not in any box stores without plastic packaging. The same goes for mushrooms; while I can find them in local stores without plastic packaging, I cannot find them in the box stores.

I have learned that you really don’t need a bag or container for everything and pick up quite a lot of produce without any package. I have also started bringing mesh bags and fill them with green beans and corn on the cob and peaches.


This is a place where I have had to learn a lot. The first time I tried shopping here, I asked them to put cheese in my own container. The answer was, no, they could not do that. This time, I simply asked them to hand it to me in the paper and I would put it in my own container. They were happy to do that.


In order to avoid plastic packaging, I have been running my bread machine every day. But today I found bread made in-store in bins! I was able to package it in my own bag! Score!


I have yet to find any substitutes for anything in dairy really. I have started getting less yogurt, but have been buying kefir in an attempt to at least get a higher grade of plastic that has a better chance of being recycled. I have been getting milk in cartons, but it’s not a perfect solution. There are glass bottle options at other stores, but it is far too expensive to consider.


I get Tide powder here; which is in cardboard box packaging. I am also purchasing Borax here, which comes in a cardboard box and replaces the baking soda I was buying in bulk for laundry and it is something I can use for making some cleaning products myself.


There are no bar shampoos here and I have to find them elsewhere. One can a wide variety of bar soaps though for other uses. There are also no facial care options without plastic packaging.


I am largely pleased with the options Kroger makes available and I have actually become a more loyal Kroger customer as a result! I would love to buy more local and do things like buy milk in glass bottles, but as it is, we need more affordable options and Kroger has them. I am also happy to say that the workers there have been largely helpful. I do wish they would offer other options for dairy and some produce items. I also would like to buy my shampoo and facial products here and wish they would offer some options without plastic packaging.

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