No Plastic August

I had a sudden realization one day recently that my family uses an extreme amount of plastic. There is plastic everywhere you look from the trash can liners to the crackers’ packaging and the shampoo bottles to the diapers. I have a big family – 6 kiddos – so it adds to up being quite a lot! I decided that I am going to give up all plastic trash in our house. I talked to every member of my family to make sure they were on board with me and I committed to making this August our first plastic trash free month. I also hope that others might feel inspired to change their lifestyle as well.

Here are my rules for 30 days with no plastic trash:

1. No plastic trash goes in a garbage can.
2. Recycling is acceptable, but to stay true to the challenge, you really need to make sure any plastic that goes in is truly recyclable.
3. If you find yourself in a situation with plastic that cannot be recycled (because this is real life and we can’t always control everything) keep it in a designated place so that we can see and share with each other how much we ended up with at the end of the month that we could not avoid.

What I hope to do in addition:

1. Keep up with this blog and my Facebook group of the same name to share my experiences and to get tips from others as well.
2. Contact companies whose products we have had to give up to do this challenge to tell them about it.
3. Thank companies providing plastic free alternatives.

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